1 Pint Pewter Tankard.

Sometimes tradition and modern design combine to create a truly beautiful item, and this is clearly true of the one pint pewter tankard. The traditional element comes from the stout shape of the 13cm tall tankard, together with the years of experience and tradition which ensure that the tankard will not tarnish over time. This tradition and history is then brilliantly complimented by the modernity of the horizontal line detailing and stylised swan neck shaped handle, to give what is undoubtedly an elegant and chic one pint tankard. This gorgeous gift can be completed with a stylish black presentation box, ensuring that the Tankard really is a high class gift for any occasion.

1 Pint Pewter Tankard

  • TimeLess 1 Pint Pewter Tankard

  • TimeLess 1 Pint Pewter Tankard.