180ml Celtic Mini Decanter & Shot Glass Gift Box.




180ml Celtic Mini Decanter & Shot Glass Gift Box

  • 180ml Celtic Mini Decanter & Shot Glass Gift Box

    A gorgeous gift which is sure to delight any friend or loved one with a fondness for a tipple and a keen sense of style, this elegant 180ml Celtic Mini decanter & Shot Glass Gift Box will make their day on any landmark occasion. Produced according to the traditionally high standards of craftsmanship.Each gift box contains a magnificent 12cm tall mini decanter along with two wonderful shot glasses. The mini decanter has a simple yet stylish bell shaped glass body which is then finished fabulously with a pewter base and pewter stopper. Each of those elements are intricately decorated with Celtic style knot-work patterns to give them an eye-catching look and elevate the decanter to an entirely different level of style. The shot glasses, too, boast matching Celtic style decorated at the base and are supplied together with the decanter within an elegant and chic cream and black presentation box.