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Our replica Agave Palm tree is potted in a starter pot so it is ready to put on display as soon as you take deliver. This replica Agave folige is a deep emerald green creating a beautiful botanical feature. The trunk itself is botanically accurate with great attention detail in replicating the living Agave trunk texture.


Agave Palm tree

  • Agave Palm Tree

    This Agave palm trees is made using premium quality plastic and latex to ensure this tree is not only hard wearing, but also realistic to touch. The Agave tree is part of the succulent family, succulents are famous for their smooth yet rubbery texture, this is a very easy texture to replicate and for this reason makes it difficult to tell this faux palm is not the living thing!

    Where can I use this palm tree?
    This is a very decorative Palm tree and lends itself perfectly to transforming any interior space and creating a real botanical feature. It is used commonly to transform home interiors, conservatories, and is often used commercially in showrooms, swimming pools and at events where a striking plant is required.

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