Brand TimeLess
Dimensions L13xW15xH9cm
Material Aluminium
Weight 210g

Aluminium Vulcan Sculpture

  • Aluminium Vulcan Sculpture

    The enormous delta-winged Avro Vulcan was designed as the mainstay of the V-bomber fleet - our Cold War nuclear deterrent. However, its finest hour was arguably the audacious long-range ‘Black Buck’ raids of the Falklands conflict. The Vulcan served from 1956 until October 2015, when the last example (XH558) was withdrawn from service and restored to become a much-loved highlight of air shows and displays. Instantly recognisable, seeing (and hearing!) one in flight was an experience not to be forgotten. Sadly, even XH558 no longer flies - the task of keeping her in an airworthy condition proving insurmountable. In tribute, our Vulcan desk sculpture has been cast in solid aluminium and polished to a high sheen such that its subtle curves and angles catch the light.