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Height – 6ft / 180cm
Starter Planter- 8.5 inches diameter

This tall and elegant artificial Decorative Bamboo tree stands at 6ft from the bottom of the starter planter to the top leaf. Our faux Bamboo tree features real bamboo canes. These trees are perfect to create a tropical fee to your interior or indeed create a stretch of bamboo screening. There is a lot of attention to detail in the colour, texture and leaf pattern to ensure the bamboo trees are as botanically accurate as they can be. The colour of the foliage is a beautiful varying shades of lush green with darker shades to replicate older growth and lighter shades to replicate the fresh leaf growth. Take a look at the close up images to see the attention to detail. 

Artificial Decorative Bamboo

  • Artificial Decorative Bamboo

    Our replica trees are premium quality made using top quality silks, plastic and latex to ensure they look lush and healthy for many years. The stems on our artificial Bamboo trees are real bamboo canes and the foliage is made from silk polyester.

    Where can I use this artificial Bamboo tree?
    You will be able to create an elegant but everlasting look with this artificial Bamboo tree. Place it in your home or office environment where a little greenery is required. Ideal for conservatories where it will not wither or die like real trees do.