This is part of our range of realistic artificial trees and plants. This plant is a large 150cm tall and is suitable for indoor or limited outdoor use. If used outdoors we recommend this plant is placed in a sheltered area and protected from extreme conditions such as strong winds or frosts as persistent exposure can lead to damage to the foliage.
Any artificial plants used outdoors should be in an area with sufficient ventilation to allow them to dry out if they get wet.

Also comes with a light blue gloss cement pot.


Artificial foot Palm Tree

  • Artificial foot Palm Tree

    SUPER REALISTIC FOLIAGE- amazing quality and attention to detail on these trees
    Size of tree: 150cm tall, width of leaves approx 60cm at the widest point.
    Size of pot 13cm high & 15cm wide. 
    Made up of realistic fronds which are made of plastic with silk leaves.
    Smaller fronds at the bottom opening up to longer fronds at the top.
    It comes complete with a black plastic pot as shown also comes with a light blue high gloss cement pot.