Height - 8ft / 250cm

Dimensions of small travel planter: 34cm diam at top, 23cm in height

Our replica Double Headed Fan Palm tree stands a shade over 8ft tall and comes fitted to a small starter pot as seen in the first image. This replica palm tree is very lush and bushy and comes with two thick trunks, with a mixture of mid and dark green silk polyester fronds.

Our artificial palm trees are premium quality made using top quality silks, plastic and latex to ensure they look lush and healthy for many years.


Double Headed Fan Palm tree

  • Double Headed Fan Palm tree

    Where can I use this palm tree?
    You will be able to create an everlasting tropical look with this fake palm tree! Anywhere from a tropical wedding to a themed room in your home or office. Very nice for a conservatory where it will not wither or die like real palms do. It is the perfect addition to swimming pool areas or any office environment where some greenery is required.

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